Gift Of Life - Humanitarian Award

The Gift of Life - Humanitarian Award was established by The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Québec Branch in 2006 to recognize the humanitarian efforts of companies which facilitated, in various ways, transplantation or donation of a kidney for one or more of their employees. This award aims to educate companies in Québec to the importance of supporting their employees in the process of kidney donation or transplantation.

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The Gift of life - Humanitarian Award acknowledges and publicly recognizes efforts made by companies in this area so that they serve as a model and hence, create a ripple effect in the education of the business community to the problem of people waiting for a kidney transplant or wishing to donate a kidney. Nearly 1,000 Quebecers are awaiting a kidney transplant and, although there is government compensation for costs incurred by an organ transplant recipient or donor, companies are the only ones that can facilitate the process of organ donation or transplantation of their employee. All applications must be filled and submitted by the employee who received a kidney transplant or donated a kidney. The nominated company must have a place of business in Québec. The award will be presented within the framework of the activities held during the National Organ Donation and Tissue Awareness Week in April.

To be eligible for the Gift of Life – Humanitarian Award, companies must have offered their employees - the kidney transplant recipients or the kidney donors - conditions consistent with one or more of the following criteria:

  • Payment of regular salary before, during and after the kidney transplant or donation.
  • Employees entitled to flexible hours or paid leave for medical examinations or activities related to the organ donation or transplant process.
  • Access to psychological or financial support, or other forms of support.
  • Easing or modification of tasks on the return to employment, depending on the type of work carried out.
  • Employment retained with the same conditions and benefits.

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