Warning Signs

Sometimes even people with serious kidney disease may not have any symptoms. That is why a blood or urine test may be necessary to check for kidney problems.

If your kidney function continues to decline, you may start developing symptoms of kidney disease. Each person is different, but most people will start to develop symptoms when their kidney disease becomes severe. 


Uremia is a Greek word that means “urine in the blood”. Uremia develops as the kidneys fail and are unable to remove wastes from the body. There are many symptoms of uremia that occur as kidney function declines. Before severe uremia develops, treatments such as dialysis and transplantation are usually needed. The timing of dialysis will depend on your symptoms and varies from person to person.

Signs and symptoms that may occur with uremia
Weight loss Fatigue
Weakness Nausea
Vomiting Bad taste in the mouth
Loss of appetite Restless legs
Shortness of breath Forgetfulness
Leg cramps Difficulty sleeping
Itching Cold intolerance
Chest pain Skin colour changes
Easy bruising Decreased sexual desire
Swelling in ankles and legs  



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