Kidney Stories of Hope 2011

March is Kidney Health Month and is a timely opportunity to encourage the sharing of experiences unique to the kidney community through the Kidney Stories of Hope campaign.  Because we value and appreciate the unique experiences of our community, we asked you to let us know how The Kidney Foundation has touched your life - or how your experience with kidney disease has inspired you or someone close to you, to make a positive difference.

We are pleased to announce the 2011 stories selected from five different regions – British Columbia, Alberta and the Prairies, Ontario, Québec and Atlantic Canada.  Each regional submission awardee received a $500 cash prize from The Kidney Foundation of Canada, thanks to an unrestricted grant from Shire Canada. To read the 2011 prized submissions, please click on the links below. 

Our heartfelt thanks to all participants. We encourage all those who have not received prizes to resubmit their entries next year.

Kidney Story of Hope - British Columbia
JoAnn Landry - Victoria, BC

The phone rings, we jump — is this the life life altering phone call we are waiting for to say Erika has a kidney? As I wait, I reflect on the journey we've traveled which has brought us together with many wonderful people, heard inspiring stories, learned many new things and have been fortunate to receive assistance from many organizations including The Kidney Foundation...

Kidney Story of Hope - Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba
Nikky Dalby - Calgary, AB

After some routine tests came back showing abnormalities, 6 months of further tests led to my husband being diagnosed with Alport Syndrome in December 2009. It came as a complete shock as he was relatively healthy! About a month later I heard about the Kidney March, an event organized by the Kidney Foundation of Canada to raise money and awareness...


Kidney Story of Hope - Ontario
Brittney Krueger – Woodstock, ON

My dad has had kidney failure for as long as I can remember. He had his first kidney transplant when I was three years old, and that kidney was going strong for nine years. Four years ago, his transplanted kidney began to fail, and he is now back on the waiting list for another kidney. Also, he is currently part of a Nocturnal Home Hemo Dialysis study, which continues to be an excellent experience as he has hardly any food limitations and can still work at his full time manufacturing job...


Kidney Story of Hope - Quebec
Edouard Guernon - La Baie, QC

I’m a 45-year-old man. Four years ago I was diagnosed with kidney failure. Initially I refused to believe it: This was a disease that happened only to others. Now I’m undergoing CAPD and constantly fighting to lead a normal life. With support from my care team and The Kidney Foundation of Canada, however, things are going well and I’m able to find the courage to keep moving forward every day...

Kidney Story of Hope - Atlantic Canada
Virginia Arsenault - Charlottetown, PEI

As a young child, I was often sick in the hospital waiting for the latest kidney infection to subside, while dreading the next kidney infection that would inevitably follow. From birth, my right kidney was deformed, severely prone to infections and progressively failing. Although my left kidney was healthy, its partner often left my body wracked with pain and illness...

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