Our Volunteers

Dr. Ken Hughes

Dr. Hughes’ involvement with The Kidney Foundation began in the 1960s when he first experienced kidney failure and started dialysis. From 1985 to 1986, he was National President of The Kidney Foundation and in 1990 he wedded Nancy Hughes, with whom he canvassed every March for The Kidney Foundation’s annual fundraising drive while they lived in Winnipeg...

Will Osler

Prior to becoming volunteer President of the Southern Alberta Branch of the Foundation, Will reached out to the KIDNEY CONNECT Peer Support Program when preparing to donate a kidney to his father, Jock Osler. “It really made sense to me to talk to somebody who had been through the process themselves,” says Will. “The Foundation put me in touch with two donors, and it was really valuable to have their perspective. It helped put my mind at ease.”  Now a KIDNEY CONNECT volunteer, Will says “The first questions you get are: What’s it going to be like? What’s it going to do to me? It’s rewarding giving somebody information that they need and want.”


Sherron of Etobicoke, Ontario has been a Peer Support volunteer at The Kidney Foundation since May 2004. Grateful to mentors within the Peer Support network who supported her throughout the process of donating a kidney to her husband, Sherron decided to share her own experience as a way of giving back to others. Through its Peer Support Program, The Kidney Foundation offers people affected by kidney disease the opportunity to talk to others who have confronted similar challenges and experiences.


Carol has faced many health challenges in her 40 years. Diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at the age of 11, the Moncton native experienced kidney failure in her twenties, followed by a year of peritoneal dialysis and a transplant. Despite recurring health problems, Carol remains a dedicated and energetic member of the Board of the New Brunswick Branch and the Fredericton Chapter of The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Serving as the Patient Services’ Chair, she has introduced several positive initiatives that have improved the quality of life of kidney patients in the area.

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