Kidney Stories

Tell us your story. If you would like to share your story about living with kidney disease, being an organ donor or transplant recipient, or being a caretaker, we’d be happy to feature it here on our Web site.

Other people living with kidney disease can benefit greatly from hearing about your experiences. Simply send us an email with your story, and a photo if you have one. We’ll edit your story, if necessary, and we can withhold your name if you prefer. Email us at:

Pauline Hood

I was put on dialysis in May of 2009. That was a shocking experience: I never thought I would end up on dialysis. I thought if I just follow my renal diet, everything would be OK and I could keep functioning normally - but no, I evidently was wrong. In May I had to start dialysis twice weekly and that changed our lifestyle considerably…

Kathleen Murphy

For most people, turning age 50 is a milestone. In the year or two leading up to this, I had thought about what I could do to celebrate this birthday that was different from what others had done. My hairdresser had recently been tested to see if she could donate a kidney to her husband who was on dialysis. I asked her what was involved and if anyone could donate a kidney. She could not see why not....



For many years Glenn suffered from polycystic kidney disease, a hereditary condition that progressively worsens. Last winter the former Montreal Alouettes centre learned his kidneys were functioning at less than 13 per cent and that he would require dialysis. Placed on a transplant waiting list, Glenn was blessed with a wonderful gift when his sister, Sheryl, was found to be a compatible kidney donor. Thanks to a successful operation, the 45-year-old is healthy again and has a second chance at life.


Ken developed kidney disease 25 years ago. As the recipient of two kidney transplants, the former Royal Canadian Air Force officer knows firsthand the importance of organ donation. In 1981, Ken began volunteering at the The Kidney Foundation’s British Columbia Branch. Today, he is a member of the National Organ Donation Committee, as well as Chair of the Branch’s Organ Donation Committee. An active member of the Canadian Transplant Association, Ken has participated in the Transplant Games at the regional, national and world levels.


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