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Allied Health Scholarship Policies 2017

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Allied Health Scholarship Application 2017


Allied Health Doctoral Fellowships: March 15, 2017

The purpose of the Allied Health Scholarship award is to assist the student with a demonstrated interest in nephrology/organ donation in pursuing education at the Masters level to promote and enhance the development of nephrology allied health investigators in Canada.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • serve as a nephrology nurse or technician, social worker, dietitian, transplant coordinator or other allied health professional;
  • have a demonstrated commitment to the area of nephrology or organ donation with a focus on increasing the number of kidneys available for transplantation, in either direct clinical practice or research experience.  Preference will be given to applicants with a minimum of two years full time equivalent experience;
  • have Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status;
  • be accepted in proposed course of full-time or part-time study;



Please ensure that you are using the current Kidney Foundation of Canada Allied Health Doctoral forms as no other form will be accepted for this competition. 

Highlights for 2017 Allied Health Scholarship Competition

Incomplete / Unacceptable Applications
In order to maintain the principle of fairness to all applicants, regulations must be adhered to in the preparation of Allied Health Scholarship application. Non adherence to the Policies and Checklist will lead to rejection (without appeal) of the application. Requiring adherence to the regulations have the advantage of being unambiguous for applicants, easily enforceable by staff and/or review panels, and fair and equitable for all applicants.

Public Information
Successful applicants need to be aware that the title of their scholarship will be used without notification and put into the public domain, e.g. web and news releases.

Submit an Application
All applications must be submitted electronically by the deadline date, March 15, 11:59 pm EST to

Sponsor’s assessment forms and official transcripts must be courier-stamped by the deadline date March 15 and forwarded to the KFOC in the original sealed envelope from the institution.