Kidney Stories of Hope 2012

March is Kidney Health Month and is a timely opportunity to encourage the sharing of experiences unique to the kidney community through the Kidney Stories of Hope campaign.  

We are pleased to announce the 2012 stories selected from five different regions – British Columbia, Alberta and the Prairies, Ontario, Québec and Atlantic Canada.  Each regional submission awardee received a $500 cash prize from The Kidney Foundation of Canada, thanks to an unrestricted grant from Shire Canada. To read the 2012 prized submissions, please click on the links below. 

Our heartfelt thanks to all participants. We encourage all those who have not received prizes to resubmit their entries next year.

Kidney Story of Hope - British Columbia
Todd K. Reid - Cloverdale, BC

There are events in one's life that burns deep good or bad. The day my best friend in the world sat across from me and told me he was dying was that day for me. My best friend for most of the last twenty years was sitting across from me speaking the words I could never imagine him speaking. I felt like the rug was pulled from under me...



Kidney Story of Hope - Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba
Lauren Herschel - Calgary, AB

Last year I made a choice that surprised a lot of people in my life. I decided to become a non-directed kidney donor. I am lucky to have not personally been affected by Kidney Disease and until last year, I've never known anyone who has been affected by it. But when I realized that I could possibly help someone with kidney disease by donating one of my kidneys, it seemed like such a simple thing to do...

Kidney Story of Hope - Ontario
Sharron Shepstone - Peterborough, ON

In 1990, I had my right kidney removed. Life was good, no problems for nearly 15 years. Then the dreaded day came in 2004 when I had cancer yet again, on my left kidney....




Kidney Story of Hope - Quebec
Mia Borelli - Montreal, QC

She makes a mean lasagna. I still can't beat her at Scrabble. She's the one who reminds me to wear my hat in January, And apply my sunscreen in July. She's the first to listen to me at 3am, And never judges. Her laughter is contagious. Her tears are real. When my world gets crazy, She's my soft place to go to. When there's a secret close to my heart, She's there to share it with....



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